Older Works
Cubismo Oil on canvas 111 x 91cm AU$2950.00 Unframed
Cubismo 2
Cubismo 2 Oil on canvas 112 x 91cm AU$2950.00 Framed
Eternal Embrace
Eternal Embrace Oil on canvas SOLD
Mother and Child
Mother and Child Oil on canvas 122 x 91cm AU$3500.00 Unframed
Atelier Oil on canvas 93 x 93cm AU$2500.00 Framed
Maze 1
Maze 1 Oil on linen
Maze 2
Maze 2 Oil on linen
Marble Whippers
Marble Whippers Oil on linen 50 x 122cm AU$2500.00 Framed
Duel (lost love)
Duel (lost love) Oil on linen 51 x 122cm AU$2300.00 Unframed
The Mr Squiggle Story
The Mr Squiggle Story After a spell back home on the moon, Mr squiggle returns to earth to undertake a great journey. Travelling through time, he comes to witness some of the most pivotal moments in art history. What more could one expect from one of televisions best known science-fiction characters?
Jailyard Mr Squiggle
Jailyard Mr Squiggle Oil on canvas 138 x 123cm SOLD
Squiggle on Collins St
Squiggle on Collins St Oil on Linen SOLD
Raft of the ABC
Raft of the ABC Oil on canvas SOLD
Bonjour Monsieur Squiggle
Bonjour Monsieur Squiggle Oil on canvas 122 x 182cm SOLD
3rd of May Squiggle Assassinee
3rd of May Squiggle Assassinee Oil on canvas 121 x 167cm AU$4950.00 Framed
Rebel Oil on canvas SOLD
CH Oil on canvas SOLD